I’m thinking of deleting this blog :/ I don’t post a lot and I don’t really have time anymore so… I feel like a bad blog and the person helping me with this blog hasn’t been on tumblr for 4 months so :’)
Idk… :/

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I’m just living my life waiting for an Instant Star reunion

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Fangirling 4.7


- I wanna rework all of them – probably producer’s worst nightmare


- zeppelin asking karma for help, oohh, she’s so desperate so she goes to the biggest bomb there is :p

- my lady requires your presence at dinner tonight – why, what did I do

- darius is having none of this shit

- jude being the worst mentor everrrrr

- to your left you see jude ruining her album  and at your right you see world’s most awkward date

- you secretly hate indie bands that break out but you run a record label to do just that  PREACH ZEPPELIN

- what’s a waterbra -  I have no idea either spied

- I didn’t know that she was this cool. Are you kidding me?

- see Jamie, karma (not the girl) comes around to bite you

- jude is so spinning out of control, this hurts to look at, so I can’t write that much about it, because I know what’s coming

- I don’t wanna let you go BOY


- this is so bad because the song sounds kickass and upbeat but jude is so sad

- hallucinations, awesome *sigh* no

- she supposedly reworks all the songs, but we only hear this one song..

- I cried mascara into your good towels, ooh zeppelin

- stop that, people will think I care. Karma is secretly the biggest zeppelin x Jamie shipper.

- jeppelin? Zeppemie?

- the music is all I have left CRACK MY HEART

- I can’t believe he meant it. He didn’t, he didn’t he didn’t he didn’t

- oh no, the album 

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fangirling 4.8


- it is so worth it – this is gonna hurt so much omg

- diva out, jude on, huraaay

- mini – karma

- a helicopter, seriously paegan

- our little james did what?

- have you heard the album?  Unfortunately, she has

- everybody nod your head to paegan’s new song okay

- oh noez, they’re recruiting paegan

- there’s seriously no fire between kwest and Sadie, yawn. Kwest, man up okay

- don’t kiss every guy you jam with jude, come oooooooon

- it’s not a lesson, it’s a goodbye, ouwch

- she’s lost everything now, this hurts so much

- oh god mini karma is c                alled Kadijah?

- paegan sounding awesome, damn

- ooh SME and jude’s bromance <3

- jellowrestling?

- spiedy-karma show!

- me camera e su camera – idk man, idk Spanish, I’m just writing what I hear

If this scene wasn’t so sad, this would be hilarious

- zeppelin choosing her daddy above Jamie

- you’ve got kettledrums on every song. Yeah, remember your songs jude, you might want to listen to them again

- I just hope tommy is somewhere listening to jude’s album and being like: what the hell? Omg I hurt her so much, I need to come back. What probably is happening: he’s listening to her album, thinking what the hell, I hurt her so much and then: I was right, I’m no good for her

- the fact that SME never told her wtf she did with her album :’) idk if that’s good friends or bad friends, but I’m giving them the benefit of the doubt, because they’re kind of morons sometimes, they don’t know what to do.

- oh megan being a good person FOR NOW

- you can see jude thinking: oh harmonica sounds good on this track NO NO NO DON’T GO THERE JUDE WITH ALL THE INSTRUMENTS

- ooh, the return of zeppelin!

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Fangirling 4.6


- can’t live without his kisses – and his hair gel – I can’t live without his hair gel GOD BLESS SPIEDERMAN

- I couldn’t do it – oh really

- this airplane attacked me

- so no hello kiss? Come on, give me some jommyyyyyyyy

- is she like in high school still – THANK GOD NO

- any attempt spied makes at dancing, a++

- the kid is singing: “everyone wants a piece of me” this is so awkward

- finally a kiss!

- oh yes here we go again!

- I still don’t entirely understand tommy q, and it bugs me to no end.

- tim rozon’s lipsyncing. No.

- couples at carnicals, ooohh

- tom dutois? He told her his name, ohhh

- alphabet kiss game :’)

- I just realized spied and karma’s bedroom has cameras. Awkward. I feel like this show keeps forgetting it’s a kids show

- HONEYBUN YOU DID IT! Spied is so happy with his rock climbing wall, unexpected perfect couple is perfect

- tommy is so rude, like he’s totally not in a good place to help someone like that. I know it’s hard to hear things like that, but if you can’t handle it, it’s not helping her.

- how did it go with blue, she interested YOU HAVE NO IDEA

- oh noez, poor zeppelin.

- I was expecting a contract, not a boyfriend. Damn.

- oh no prison scene, this is gonna hurt

- why is it always so easy for you to throw us away – MY HEART

- ‘cause I’m not good enough for you – I’m so sick of hearing… same jude, same

- get the fuck over yourself tommy

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